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Percepatan adopsi Model pembibitan sapi Bali berbasis kandang kelompok di Pulau Lombok

Dahlanuddin, Ketut Puspadi, Cam McDonald, Monica van Wensveen, Bruce Pengely dan Abdul Samad

Strategies to enhance the adoption of a farmer group based cattle breeding model has been implemented and investigated in the ACIAR project SMAR/2006/096. The strategies include farmer to farmer learning, improving farmers’ participation and capacity to renovate kandang infrastructure, capacity building of field officers to deliver the technology package to farmers, coordination with relevant stakeholders (especially Dinas Peternakan) and promotion to improve community understanding of the project. Results obtained after 12 months of project implementation indicate improvements in participation and the capacity of farmer groups. The provision of basic materials for infrastructure such as the bull pen, weaning pen and collective pen renovation, which were considered as major constraints to the adoption of the technology, stimulated the farmers ability to participate in the development process. The single biggest binding factor to initiate farmer involvement was access to the bull. The 24 selected bulls have mated more than 900 cows in 4 months both from within and outside the project farmer groups. Regular coordination meetings and promotions have resulted in improved awareness of both government officials and the general community on the project. Early adoption of part of the technology (bull and bull pen) by the local government is seen as an important catalyst towards improving the adoption of the breeding model on a larger scale. The local government is encouraged to provide more bulls to selected areas (villages) and to sustain the bull by ensuring sufficient income of the bull keeper from the mating service. Realising that the nutrient status of the late pregnant and lactating cow are critical to the successful birth of healthy calves, the better growth of weaned calves and a quick return to oestrus is an essential component of the recommended breeding model.File PDF

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