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Performance of Male Bali Cattle in Village System of Lombok

T. Panjaitan
Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

The performance of male Bali cattle (Bosjavanicusd’Alton) receiving native pasture under a cut and carry system was monitored between January 2010 and May 2012 on North Lombok Indonesia. The average birthweight of male calves irrespective of season was 14 ? 2.9kg. The growth rate of calves from suckling to yearling was y=0.271x + 15.08; R2=0.86, with weight gains averaging 256 ? 71.5 g/d with an increase to 324 ? 13.5 g/d during the wet season and an average of 213 ? 58.0 g/d during the dry season. The growth rate of bulls from suckling to adult was y=0.243x + 22.68; R2=0.93. The mean growth rate of Bali bulls was 270 ? 113.1 g/d; 340?39.6 g/d in the wet season and 130 ? 57.9 g/d in the dry season. The low growth rate of male Bali cattle receiving native grass under cut and carry systems at these sites indicated inadequate feed supply and quality. This prolongs the time required to reach sale weight (300 kg) to a mean age of 3.1 years. This study exhibited the possibility of increasing beef supply locally by enhancing feed supply and quality to improve growth rates, and hence shortening the time to reach sale weight.

Key Words: Bali cattle, Male, Growth rates, Cut and carry village system, Sale weight


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