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A review of feeding strategies to increase growth of weaned Bali calves.

Marsetyo, Poppi, D.P., Budisantoso, E., Dahlanuddin, Pamungkas, D., Priyanti, A.
Susmaritha, B. and Quigley, S.P.

Weaning and strategic feeding to increase growth of weaned Bali calves can increase small-holder farmer cash-flow. The maximum live weight gain of 6 to 12 month old male Bali cattle is approximately 0.65 kg/d, while live weight gain of calves fed diets of grasses and crop residues typically fed in villages were in the range of 0 to 0.2 kg/d. The use of tree legumes, either as the sole component of the diet or as supplements, resulted in live weight gains of approximately 0.4 kg/d. It was demonstrated that young growing Bali cattle could be fed a diet consisting predominately of tree legumes and would grow well over a period of 21 months. Feeding strategies to increase growth rates of weaned Bali calves from 0.2 kg/d up to 0.4 kg/d within village management systems were successfully established and demonstrated to small-holder farmers in 4 different regions of Indonesia. Early weaning coupled with the introduction of these feeding strategies will increase reproductive output and live weight gain of Bali cattle and cash-flow of small-holder farmers across eastern Indonesia.


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