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The use of Sesbania (Sesbania grandiflora) as feed supplement to promote growth of weaned male Bali cattle

B. T. Yuliana, Dahlanuddin dan T. S. Panjaitan


This study investigated the use of Sesbania (Sesbania grandiflora) as feed supplement to increase growth of male Bali cattle fed grass basal diets. Twenty four weaned male Bali cattle with an initial average age of 6.5±0.3 months and initial average body weight of 77±7 Kg were used. The animals were randomly both allotted in individual pen and allocated into four dietary treatments with six replicates per treatment. The treatments were grass only as a control (G); control supplemented with Sesbania 0.5% BW (GS0.5); control supplemented with Sesbania 1% BW (GS1.0) and control supplemented with Sesbania 1.5% BW (GS1.5). All Sesbania supplements are in dry matter basis. The grass consists of native and improved grass and forbs fed ad libitum. Animals were submitted to an experimental period of 11 months. Bodyweight was recorded twice per month while feed intake, digestibility, rumen environments; pH, rumen ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) concentration and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) were measured prior to the end of experiment. The results indicated that supplemented weaned cattle had greater (P<0.05) bodyweight gain. The highest bodyweight gain (0.46±0.01 kg/d) occurred in weaned cattle fed GS1.5 while the lowest (0.28±0.01 kg/d) recorded in weaned cattle fed grass as the sole diet. Sesbania supplementation has no effect (P>0.05) on total feed intake. Increasing Sesbania proportion in the diets was associated with a decrease in grass intake, an increase in digestibility of the diets (P<0.05), an increase in rumen NH3-N concentration (P<0.05) and an increase in BUN concentration (P<0.05). These results confirmed that the use of Sesbania as feed supplement to grass basal diet promote growth of male weaned Bali cattle.

Keywords: Weaned, Bali cattle, performance, supplement, Sesbania

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